wine and Snowdrops

wine and Snowdrops

Wine and Snowdrops, not really two things you really expect to go together in a photograph. Snowdrops are initially associated with Spring and nothing about these photographs look particularly springy. They in fact look very Autumnal.

Wine and Snowdrops

I’m not a huge fan of shooting with a black background in the studio, unfortunately, over the years my other back drops came to be completely ruined and ended up being put in the bin and due to me never using it, the black one managed to stay alive much longer than the rest.

I just think, black backgrounds look plain. I am much more for a gradient or textured background. Something that really helps the subjects stand out a bit more other than fade into complete darkness.

Which image from the duo is your favourite? For me it’s the slightly more cropped in version. You can see more intricate details within the photo and I think it makes for a more pleasing to the eye image as a whole, would you agree or disagree with that?

I had to be super careful when taking these images because the book used is actaully an old dictionary that was gifted to Stewart’s nanna when she was a child, it’s very old and it is also very fragile so to balance a glass of red wine on the top of it was a very risque thing to do.

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