We DO Talk About Bruno

We DO Talk About Bruno

Today, the weather was gorgeous so we decided to go walking with my mum’s newest pup, Bruno! It was actually his first walk after being vaccinated and so we wanted to take him somewhere rather quiet to test his walking abilities without the faf of other people being around and wanting to fuss Bruno, so let’s talk about Bruno.

We DO Talk About Bruno

Bruno is a 3 (and a bit) month old rottweiler and is absolutely blooming’ adorable if I do say so myself. He’s so placid and very attached to his family that it’s quite the icy heart melter. I took my camera with me today, it’d been a while since I actually got out and used it and whilst I didn’t really take a lot of photographs I took some that well and truly capture Bruno in all of his cuteness.

talk about bruno

In addition to all of this, if you’ve got the reference to the title of the post, you either really like Disney films or you have young children too who like to watch them on repeat, 5 times a day.

It’s nice to be back and posting again. I’m hoping now that I’ve settled into life in my new home, got accustomed to my surroundings and have a pretty solid routine with the children now that you’ll be seeing a lot more posts from me in the up and coming weeks, not just photography related either, I’m considering posting some of my paintings on here too.

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