Tregaron Wales

Tregaron Wales

Tregaron Wales sounds like something out of Game of Thrones right? It couldn’t look any further away from that. It looks like something out of an olden day movie if nothing else.

Tregaron Wales

This small, very limited town was situated 5 minutes away from the barn that we were staying in. It was the closest place to get to if we needed a shop for one reason or another. Considering we were so close to this town, I should have spent more time exploring it however I only got these images through the window screen of a moving car. Lazy on my part I know but in my defence I am heavily pregnant.

The photographs in this post were taken with an iPhone 12 max pro and edited in Adobe Lightroom for Mobile using a personal preset that I made myself.

Due to the edit on these images it almost looks like it’s from a place over seas and honestly a lot of what I saw of Wales looked foreign. I guess in a way it was though due to it not actually being England.

Tregaron wales
Tregaron Wales

Please do not take any photographs from this site without seeking permission from the photographer.

Have you been to Tregaron before? Tell me about it! I’d also like to know what you thought about these images too in the comments below.

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