Autumn 2020
The Perfect Coffee Flatlay

The Perfect Coffee Flatlay

Over the last few years I’ve been working on perfecting the perfect coffee flatlay but, what is ‘the perfect coffee flatlay” I hear you ask. In the blogger world and influencer known its a well known term for a artistic or minimalistic photograph of a coffee shot from directly above.

The Perfect Coffee Flatlay

The best thing about creating a flatlay is that you can personalise it to you and your persona. All of the images in this post have been created by myself to fit my Instagram feed at different times of the year and numerous feed changes.

You can style the images however you want, make them as busy related as possible and fit it into every niche possible. Surround your coffee with notebooks and pens for a productivity post, pair it with make up and brushes, paintbrushes and paint.

Some of the photographs have been taken with a professional camera and some just with an iPhone. This goes to show that you don’t need an amazing standard camera to get a decent flat lay.

Tips to get the perfect coffee flatlay;

  • Make a coffee and get it looking how you want it; Frothy, Black, Milky however you want will suffice.
  • Pick a fitting background; You can get wallpaper samples for free from any DIY shop if you really want to push the boat out.
  • Pair some accessories with your coffee; Crystals, jewellery, a pen, a bird. Anything goes, literally.
  • Make it seasonal; I’ve noticed that by keeping my flatlays seasonal they get much more activity than any other pictures on my Instagram feed.
The perfect Coffee Flatlay
the perfect coffee flatlay
the perfect coffee flatlay
the perfect coffee flatlay

Do you have any tips and tricks for creating the perfect coffee flatlay? If not; Did this post help you in creating some of your own flatlay images, if so, I want to see them!

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      These are so inspiring! I really want to up my photography game and the clean, bright images you’ve got going on here are just wow. I love it. I always struggle with getting the right angle.

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