Skegness at Dusk – iPhone Photography

Skegness at Dusk – iPhone Photography

Skegness at Dusk, something I’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance to. This week I’ve not been snapping many creative shots, in fact, I’ve shot none, I’ve just been snapping funny photographs of my daughter all week. My sister, however, a creative soul like me went camping to Skegness with a friend and sent me some photographs to play with.

Skegness At Dusk

Photographs were taken by Nicola Harrison and Edited by myself, Shannon Moore. A proper sisterly collab.

Personally, I love these photographs. When my sister sent them to me I was thrilled. I was more impressed however by her attention to framing the images, you can really tell that she thought about the placement of things when she took them. My favourite shots are the ones with the plant in the foreground, the close second being the first image in this post. I love the way that the lampost is framing the clock tower.

I think that the black and white edit’s are particularly my favourite. I just love taking photographs of places in black and white anyway, but to really show off the atmosphere in the location, the colour edit definitely works much better for that.

skegness at dusk
skegness at dusk
skegness at dusk

Please do not take any photographs from this site without first seeking permission from Myself or Nicola Harrison.

These photographs were taken with an iPhone 7 and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

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