September Photo Challenge Week One

September Photo Challenge Week One

Here we are! September photo challenge week one has been and gone. I’m surprised that I’ve managed to get a week into the challenge and not given up yet. Granted I’ve found it pretty tricky to get specific shots on the day but then I think that’s what helps get the creativity sparking.

September Photo Challenge Week One

Day 1: The Sky. I started out quite simple. This is a shot I’ve had in my sights for a while now and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to get it and put it to good use!

september photography challenge week one

Day 2: A Leaf: I was very excited when I took a venture down to my nan’s garden and saw a beautiful hint of Autumn. I knew then that this was going to be my photograph for day 2.


Day 3: You: Me and my little one. I wasn’t feeling overly photogenic so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get a beautiful photo of me and my little cherub.

Day 4: An Animal: A goat is a massive symbol in my life as one lead me to breaking my arm when I was 11 years old. Ah the good times.

Day 5: Your Workspace: The place where I spend most of my time working.

september photography challenge week one

Day 6: Where You Stand: I was in Tesco and this shot caught my eye. The isle was so busy and you’d never know that we were in the middle of coronavirus pandemic.

september photo challenge week one

Day 7: Your Home: The view outside my house’s kitchen window. A scene I love to wake up and watch every now and then.

Have you been taking part? I’m hoping that next week might be a bit more creative on my part. I really need to start thinking out the box a little bit more and creating some more, story telling, eye catching images. I might even start using some cool affects for them too!

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