Radar Dome, Lincolnshire

Radar Dome, Lincolnshire

I’m still not exactly sure what this radar dome does or what it’s in the back yard too but what I do know is that it looked particularly eye-catching in the setting Lincolnshire sun.

It’s a building I always remember seeing when I was a child and it always fascinated me because it looked like a gigantic golf ball and so, I took advantage of the beautiful light as we passed it and took a photograph. I actually really enjoy these images. They’re not the type of imagery I’d usually go to take but I quite enjoyed it and it opens up a new area of creativity in the brain (for me anyway).

These photographs were taken on an iPhone 11 Pro Plus and edited using VSCO

radar dome lincolnshire
radar dome lincolnshire

I love the pastel like colours within both of these images. I feel like if you were to take the colour away from the image that they wouldn’t be as interesting as they are already. I have absolutely no idea what this is used for. I only know it as a radar dome in Lincolnshire. What do you think of these images? How do you think these could be improved and could be better?

Do you know what this dome building is? Are the generally all built for the same reason or do they all relate to different things?

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