The Alphabet Photo Challenge

all over the internet you’ll see the alphabet photo challenge pop up, but the key to it is to put your spin on it! I’m going to create a completely unique alphabet photo challenge, composed with idea’s of my own for you to participate in and enjoy. Previously, myself and my partner got bored and decided to do a little […]

Graffiti portraits

In these graffiti portraits are my brother, Andy and sister, Lucy. Again shot for a college project from back in 2015. (I cannot wait to start posting some of my new work and work that this website is all about showcasing but I feel it’s important to share with you these images to help you have a better understanding of […]

Old Photography Favourites

In this post I will be sharing with you some of my old photography favourites from when I first started out at college. You’ll know as soon as you see the images that the creativity was really flowing during this time. I also feel like this was when I felt the most inspired to create things and not give a […]

Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury is an English presenter best known for the TV programme, The Gadget Show aired on Chanel 5. He is also known for presenting a show called Don’t Scare the Hare as well as being a childrens author. It was back in March 2015 when I attended an event in which Jason Bradbury was hosting and we managed to […]

Belton House from 2014

Back in 2014, I went on a trip to Belton house with my nan. It was one of the many places we both went that year in order to grab some images for my photography portfolio. Belton house for me holds a lot of memories, the first book I completed and actually enjoyed was based around this destination, once we’d […]