Old Photography Favourites

Old Photography Favourites

In this post I will be sharing with you some of my old photography favourites from when I first started out at college. You’ll know as soon as you see the images that the creativity was really flowing during this time. I also feel like this was when I felt the most inspired to create things and not give a crap about what the outcome looked like, something I am desperate to try and get back.

I loved my time at college, I apsecially liked getting stuck into the briefs and letting my creativity fly, I’ve not quite had the same motivation to create since I left college a few years ago and that’s what I’m hoping this blog helps me achieve.

So let’s get to the good stuff: PHOTO’s!!

This was the result of one of my first ever projects at college, I can’t remember the context exactly or how this idea came about but something drew me to focus on shells, close up, high contrasting pictures of shells.

When I first took this photo, I was absolutely obsessed with it. Now I look at it and can see where I could have improved. Bringing some more detail out in the models make up and using a shallow depth of field, focusing on the model completely would have improved the image by miles.

A first attempt at light painting, safe to say I was very, very pleased with myself when I managed to capture this.

A multiple exposure shot of my dog running up the garden. This is when my Photoshop skills started to really take off.

A self-portrait, which was a complete fluke but I took it. I was very proud of this and it later became one of my finals.

Here are a couple more favourites for you to browse through;


What did you think to these photographs? Let me know in the comment’s below and I’d love to see some of your old photography favourite work too.

I also have a post dedicated to a favourite portrait of Jason Bradbury, A TV presenter you might have seen before on Chanel 5’s The Gadget Show if you’d like to have a look at that you can find it linked below;

Photographing Jason Bradbury

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