New Quay Wales

New Quay Wales

New Quay Wales, quite possibly one of my favourite places I’ve visited so far, It’s also noted that from this part of the Welsh coast you can see dolphins in the sea. Unfortunately on the day that we were there, we didn’t get to see any but that didn’t take the beauty away from the location at all.

New Quay Wales

I am still in awe at how lucky we got with the weather. It wasn’t too bright so I didn’t get nasty shadows to try and edit out and it also wasn’t so dull that everything looked so flat in photographs. It was actually pretty perfect for as far as photographing goes.

I have to say, I also think that these are my favourite photographs from the trip and I think that’s because ultimately by this point, I’d warmed up to using my camera and my creative eye had definitely come back in full force. It’s just really a shame it took so long.

These photographs were taken with a mixture of my Canon 6D and iPhone 12 Pro Max and edited in Adobe Lightroom, Mobile.

Please do not take any images from this site without first seeking permission from the Photographer.

Have you been to New Quay before? If not you really need to put it on your bucket list and maybe, you’ll be slightly luckier than me in seeing some dolphins splashing in and out of water in the distance. Did you also like these photographs? If you did throw me a comment or share this post on your favourite social media platform!

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