March 2021 Photo Challenge

March 2021 Photo Challenge

Hello! My other photo challenges have gone down a treat so today, I bring to you a March 2021 Photo Challenge for you to get your teeth into. So let’s get to it shall we?

March 2021 Photo Challenge

I’ve paid attention to the fact that this month we encounter the first day of spring and I wanted to make sure that that shone through in my challenge this month. I love spring so I have no doubt that you’re all going to create some beautiful photographs from these prompts and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The prompts here are here to literally just prompt you, if you want to interpret the word in a completely different way to what you think might be intended then do it, this is all about encouraging you to shoot and grow ideas. You never know you might create a masterpiece.

  1. Hint Of Spring
  2. Something Old
  3. Wildlife
  4. A Self Portrait
  5. A Book
  6. Coffee/Tea
  7. A Plant
  8. Look Down
  9. Something Fresh
  10. Flower
  11. Fruit
  12. Sunshine
  13. Jewellery
  14. White
  15. A Bud
  16. Not A Selfie
  17. Something Green
  18. More Flowers
  19. Tree’s
  20. Water
  21. Your Pet
  22. Home
  23. Flowers Indoors
  24. Something Purple
  25. Earth
  26. Baby Animal
  27. Key
  28. Pencils
  29. The Sky
  30. Daffodil
  31. Hope

If you take part in this photo challenge be sure to let me know and tag me in your results, you can find me on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/shanniemoore__

Happy Snapping!

Feel free to share this challenge with friends and family or even re-pin on your Pinterest boards. The more that join in the merrier.

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