Lincolnshire wolds Nettleton

Lincolnshire wolds Nettleton

Lincolnshire Wolds, Nettleton. A place I’d never thought i’d been to before however, upon arrival it actually became clear that i’d been there before as memories came flooding back from the time we went with family and my nan lost her foot (not literally) in a muddy bog of water.

Lincolnshire Wolds Nettleton

Lincolnshire Wolds Nettleton

Have you ever embarked on a photogenic walk, looked around and thought yeah, this is going to look lovely and then once your camera has come out and you start snapping away nothing looks as good as you thought it would? This was one of those photo walks.

It was such a nice location to look at but the camera just wasn’t playing ball. The weather was weird as well, it was super bright and no edit made the photographs look to be something I was proud of. What do you think to them?

It was hard to get a good amount of shooting in anyway with a 1 year old who is absolutely freezing (but isn’t complaining) and wants to be off running around but it’s too muddy and she’s not fully capable of running round on her feet by herself yet.

Lincolnshire wolds nettleton

Never the less, the shoot wasn’t a total loss and at least I managed to get 3 photographs to share with you as apposed to none. Have you been to Nettleton yourself, what did you think to it?

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