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Just A Plane Sunset / Canon 6d

Just A Plane Sunset / Canon 6d

Hello! I’m bringing to you today Just a Plane Sunset, and no I haven’t misspelled that. I decided during being stuck in that I’d try something different. I used to digitally manipulate images all the time but lost the flare for it when I found not enough time for it. However, over the last few weeks I’ve found myself with a little bit more free time to do some more of the creative things that I love and that’s when this image came into play.

Just A Plane Sunset

just a plane sunset

The finished image that you’ll soon see is made up of two images that I took out of my living room window, first being the sunset and then the other of the silhouetted airplane.


As you can see at first the two images are used are quite boring. More so the plane image than the other, but by putting them both together I was able to create something a bit different, I actually did this on an app on my phone, which goes to show you don’t need fancy programmes on a computer to create interesting composites so long as you know what it is you’re doing.


What do you think of this image? I think now looking at it with you that I could have probably cropped out a lot of the black in the bottom of the image, it kind of takes over a little bit. (Can you imaging if I actually did this before posting? I purposely don’t go back and re-upload an additional edit because I want you to see what I dislike too.)

Let me know in the comments what you think…

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