January 2021 Photo Challenge

January 2021 Photo Challenge

January 2021 photo challenge is here! I am presenting to you the first photo challenge of the year 2021 to help you get those creative engines started and start the year as you mean to go on.

I always struggled to stay motivated to take photographs however having 365 photographs to look back on at the end of the year is really quite a pleasure and not only that it gives you a mass sense of achievement.

January 2021 Photo Challenge

January 2021 photo challenge

January is a month of complete freshness, it’s the month that everyone starts the year feeling motivated to change certain things within their life or lifestyle, most of us stick to us and some of us don’t, whatever the case, either is okay and it really doesn’t matter.

Number 10 is supposed to say fresh, but I thought with the spelling mistake to keep it no roll with it. Almost like a made up word. Fesh, what does fesh mean to you? Show me in photograph form.

will you be taking part in this challenge? I hope you do, let me know in the comments below if you do.

Happy New year ladies and gents. I send to you all the luck and good tidings for the year ahead and I am certainly hoping for us all that we get given a little more freedom in the next coming months meaning we can all go out, travel and take awesome photographs together.

Stay tuned for the February photo challenge for 2021 in a months time.

Happy new year from www.shannonmoore.co.uk

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