Inside Lincoln Cathedral; My Favourite Photo

Inside Lincoln Cathedral; My Favourite Photo

This photograph I found in my archive from all the way back in 2016 and I don’t even remember taking it and I actually love it. It almost saddens me that it was almost lost in the archives forever if it wasn’t for me digging through them to get content to get this blog started.

I love how dark and contrasty it is, there’s a lot of black within the image and sometimes, that’s frowned upon in the photography community, however sometimes, it without a doubt just works.

I especially like how the light is falling so beautifully on the flowers, which are evidently the main focus within the image and for that reason, the fact the light is highlighting them is great.

Whilst the photograph isn’t perfectly symmetrical, the composition of the image makes it feel very symmetrical. At a glance, it is like the two different sides are mirrored but actually, look a bit longer and they are far from it.

What do you think of this image? Do you like it, if you don’t what don’t you like about it? Let me know in the comments, it’s great to hear your constructive criticism because it helps us creatives better our skills, which benefits you because you get to see more beautiful images.

Do you like this style of photography and would you want to see more, let me know so I know what to post next.

Inside Lincoln Cathedral

inside Lincoln cathedral

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