Frosty Arboretum, Lincoln

Frosty Arboretum, Lincoln

The Arboretum is pretty as it is but when I woke up to a beautiful foggy and frosty morning, I wished for it to stick around so that I could take a trip around a Frosty Arboretum after Minnie had had her morning bottle and breakfast.

Frosty Arboretum

frosty arboretum

It was a super foggy day, but you could see a luminance ball in the sky through the mist. It was almost otherworldly and also, surprisingly not as cold as you’d expect it to be considering the ground was frozen solid.

frozen arboretum
frozen arboretum

These photographs are some of my favourite photographs of the arboretum so far. I love revisiting places sometimes to take photographs because you see something different or you see something from a completely different perspective and it can be really refreshing for your creativity. This is not always the case though, it’s important to remember that.

frozen arboretum

This photograph of this fellow is my favourite one in this post. I love taking street photography, especially with people in, to tell a story. I saw this guy feeding the birds with his dog and I quickly walked past him, snapping this picture on my phone as I went by. I’m pretty sure he noticed me do it too.

The next image in this post wasn’t taken in the Arboretum but outside of it, a street that was close by. I do believe it is the nunnery here in Lincoln, I could be wrong, if you’re local and you can back me up or correct me on what this is, then please do.

Do you like these photographs? Let me know in the comment’s below.

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