Feeling Grainy // Photographs From The Week

As part of my attempt to get back into taking more and better photographs I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing my favourite snaps from throughout the week. It’s something I used to do on my old blog and it went down quite well so I’m going to start it here too. This week when editing I’ve been feeling grainy!

Feeling Grainy

I’ve always loved the aesthetic of film photography however, these days I feel like film photography is a lot less accessible as digital. Whilst digital costs a lot upfront, film is a continuous price and well I know which road i’d prefer to go down seeing as I already have a digital camera and a reasonably good smart phone to hand. If you know the basic’s of editing, you can pretty much get a film effect photograph anyway.

Feeling Grainy
feeling grainy
feeling Grainy
feeling grainy

These photographs were taken on a Canon 6d with a 50mm prime lens and edited in adobe lightroom mobile. Please do not take any images from this site without seeking permission from the photographer.

I’m hoping to continue this look throughout the week in my photo editing techniques.

If you have any idea’s for me to start taking photographs of, please let me know in the comments, the more suggestions I get the more inspired I get to create something.

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