Everyday Cinemagraphs

Everyday Cinemagraphs

Have you ever seen a cinemagraph before? They’re something I came to be quite fond with during my college years but I finished my course before I had the opportunity to really work with them. I created these everyday cinemagraphs by taking photographs and putting them into an app called Werble to make them into moving images.

Everyday Cinemagraphs

I LOVE making cinemagraphs, I can get lost in the process for hours, especially using Werble. Werble makes it so easy to do and no this post is not sponsored by Werble, be cool if it was though. All of these are made using my iPhone, taken and both edited. I hope to one day become savvy enough to create some big boy cinema graphs by using my camera and some funky software on a computer but for the time being, this works just fine.

You should let me know in the comments which image you like the most from this collection in the comments, I’d love to know. I also look forwards to creating some more of these for you in the future if that’s what you’d like.

What did you think? Do you want to see more cinemagraphs on the blog? Let me know in the comments below if you do.

My favourite from the collection has got to be the Autumnal one with the church in the background. I am an Autumnal lover at the best of times anyway but this one just really makes me feel those Autumn vibes all year round.

Please do not take any imagery from this blog without first seeking the permission from the photographer first.
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