Down The Riverbank Infrared

Down The Riverbank Infrared

Welcome to the last post of the month, Down The Riverbank Infrared. I’ve worked extra hard to bring to you more posts this January and I sincerely hope that you’ve been enjoying the posts and are looking forward to seeing what I have to share with you in February.

Down The Riverbank Infrared

The reflections in the water in these images are what captures my attension the most. I love the perfect reflections in the still river and the more unsettled reflections in the warped river also. They give more atmosphere to the image.

My favourite image from these two is the first one. Mainly because of the reflection in the river. I almost wish that I had the composition of the cathedral in the second image to make the first image complete.

down the riverbank infrared

What do you think of the colouration of this image? I really like the pink colouring, I guess that could be the girly girl in me.

Are you enjoying my infrared posts? Would you like me to post more in the future? Let me know in the comments.

These images were taken with an Infrared Converted Canon 400d.

Please do not take any of the images on this site without first seeking permission of Shannon Moore, the Photographer. Thank you.
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