Digital Photography Online Tutoring

Digital Photography Online Tutoring

I’m offering you a relaxed and informal approach to Digital Photography online tutoring with flexible hour long lesson starting times. Whether you’re entirely new to the subject or have experience already I can help you.

Digital Photography Online Tutoring

For 15 years I’ve been inseparable from my camera. I first started off my photographic journey with a GCSE in school which I went on to being self-taught and then went back into education to get a Bachelors degree to further my academic knowledge on the subject. I am extremely passionate about my practice and I want to encourage my student’s to do the best they possibly can.

Why Choose Me?

  • Lens Based Media BA (Hons) Graduate (up to level 6).
  • 15 years of photographic experience in various different genres.
  • Certified in online tutoring.
  • I am a mum so I have a lot of patience, you don’t need to worry about not catching on to something straight away.
  • Tutoring can be done via WhatsApp or Skype messenger.
  • If you’re local and want to be taught in person, this can be arranged at a small additional cost.
  • All lessons are on a pay as you go basis, there’s no contract!

Digital Photography Online Tutoring

What’s best for you?

I am a massive supporter of people with mental health. I myself have a phobia of speaking via video call or voice call and therefore am offering a service to those of you who are happy to connect via instant message or purchase a written PowerPoint presentation or video to go through at your own pace.

When booking a lesson you will be required to pay full price upfront and this will be none refundable.

Pre-recorded Lessons. (PowerPoint & Video Only) £10.00 per module

Each module will be separated into individual video’s and PowerPoint presentations. These don’t come with a specific time frame. You can revisit these as and when you like.

Live Lessons (Via WhatsApp, Skype, PowerPoint and Video.) £18.00 per session

I will communicate with you in real time and answer any immediate questions you may have during the lesson. You will have an allocated time slot of 1 hour and be given access to PowerPoints and Video for you to revisit at any time.

If you’re interested, please get in touch via the contact form below and we can have a chat!

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