Creative Light Painting; Installment 1

Creative Light Painting; Installment 1

Light painting can be tricky at the best of times but creative light painting is even trickier to master as you need to have the creative mind to go alongside it but with patience and a little bit of practice you’ll find yourself getting results in no time.

This photograph was taken back when I was in college as part of a project (Which most of my older photography posted on this blog). I was always interested in light painting but the practice of it requires a lot of patience and if you’ve not got patience (and aren’t keen on going out in the dark) this probably isn’t a genre you’re going to enjoy.

Creative Light Painting

creative light painting

If I remember rightly this photograph was taken with a Canon 6D, a long exposure of 15 seconds. I set up my camera and then asked my partner to run around the stainless steel orb in a spiral going up.

We used something as simple as a mobile phone torch to create the light and it worked really well, the green LED lights from the feature I photographed also added that little bit of shazzam to the photograph, making it much more interesting to look at if you like.

Have you tried creative light painting or just light painting in general? Let me know in the comments of any tips and tricks you may have come to know and also, educate me on how this photograph could be better, as photographers, constructive criticism is a great way of expanding our skills and bettering ourselves.

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