Autumn 2020
Conure and a Pumpkin

Conure and a Pumpkin

Hi Everyone! Do you know what, it feels so weird to be back in a photographic mindset where I can just conjure something up at home and create some pictures again. Before I got into this mindset where I had to be out and about in order to get any images that mean’t anything and here I found myself creating a photograph of a conure and a pumpkin.

Conure and A Pumpkin

The Conure featured in the images is my little (not human) companion, Bundy. We got Bundy earlier this year and she’s settled into our family with no troubles what so ever.

This shoot actually started out as a flat lay shoot for my Instagram and lifestyle blog, however, when I started to get bored I found myself indulging in the fact that it’s almost halloween and taking advantage of my decorations that are spread in and around the house.

Bundy later became an addition to this set up (I’ll post the ones without Bundy later in the week!) I took her out her cage specifically to participate in this shoot. At first she wasn’t sure, she’d not seen a Pumpkin before and it clearly made her feel a bit iffy, but if you look really closely you can see i managed to persuade her with some bird seed.

conure and pumpkin
conure and pumpkin

These were taken in my kitchen with a Canon 6D and 50mm 1.4 In front of a huge window that I used for light. I edited these images on my iPad using VSCO. Yeah, it’s kind of cheating but I just adore the filters on there.

What do you think of these images?

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