Natural Christmas Decorations

Natural Christmas Decorations? Yeah, you know the beautiful berries that come out around this time of year? There are so many Christmassy things out there, Holly is out and blooming its berries in force. I’d like to name all the other berries but quite honestly, I have no idea what they’re called or how to differentiate them, apart from colours. […]

September Photo Challenge 2020

Are you looking to take more photographs this September but stuck for what exactly to take pictures of and post? I got you covered. I’ve created a little photo challenge for you to get your teeth stuck into. It’s important to remember there are no rules to these challenges and that you should interpret them as you like and be […]

Creative Light Painting; Installment 1

Light painting can be tricky at the best of times but creative light painting is even trickier to master as you need to have the creative mind to go alongside it but with patience and a little bit of practice you’ll find yourself getting results in no time. This photograph was taken back when I was in college as part […]