Sepia Photography – Has It’s Time Passed?

Sepia photography now seems like a thing of the very distant past. Honestly I was sat the other week thinking ‘I cannot remember the last time I saw a modern sepia photograph.’ and it got me thinking, has the time for it passed or are us as photographers focusing too much on dynamic black and white shots and vibrant coloured […]

Top Notch Tulips!

Top Notch Tulips! Who DOESN’T love tulips?! They’re literally my favourite flower and when I went to visit my nan last week I saw this beautiful collection on her dining room table. Top Notch Tulips! These photographs were taken using a Canon 6D with a 50mm prime lens, 1.8 and edited in Adobe Lightroom for mobile. These photographs have been […]

Camera still life

Hello and welcome back. Are you sick of the studio work yet? I sure am. The restrictions are easing up so I should be able to have more of my passionate subjects up soon enough for you all to soak up. Camera still life, let’s get to it. Camera Still Life If anyone has any idea what this camera is […]

Perfume Still Life

I’m seriously really running out of names for these posts now. I’m really not enjoying shooting studio and I absolutely cannot wait to be able to go to the Peak District for a mooch with my camera, when my camera comes back from the hospital too that is. Perfume still life is as exciting as it’s getting here I’m afraid […]

wine and Snowdrops

Wine and Snowdrops, not really two things you really expect to go together in a photograph. Snowdrops are initially associated with Spring and nothing about these photographs look particularly springy. They in fact look very Autumnal. Wine and Snowdrops I’m not a huge fan of shooting with a black background in the studio, unfortunately, over the years my other back […]

Baileys and Special Guest

It’s been so long since I’ve worked in the studio. I lost my light trigger for a long time and I finally found it again, it had somehow got into my loft, luckily when putting away the Christmas decorations, I made Stewart look in the camera stuff and there it was and so for that reason I bring to you, […]

Autumnal Still Life

Autumn to me is the celebration of all things Halloween (I know it’s passed) and all things to do with autumn and especially the colour orange. I for the first time in a long time was able to get my creative mind on and create an autumnal still life set up and shoot it in a DIY studio set up […]

Conure and a Pumpkin

Hi Everyone! Do you know what, it feels so weird to be back in a photographic mindset where I can just conjure something up at home and create some pictures again. Before I got into this mindset where I had to be out and about in order to get any images that mean’t anything and here I found myself creating […]