Candid Kitchen Portraits

Hello! I’ve been so slack with creating content. I’ve basically been taking time for myself and haven’t really felt much like picking up my camera and taking photographs. Long story short I’m back to feeling like my usual self and I picked my camera up yesterday and snapped some candid kitchen portraits of my little girl. Candid Kitchen Portraits I […]

Photographing A Toddler At Home

Photographing a toddler at home can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the basics of photography or where to put them in your house to get decent lighting, but honestly, once you get main just of it, you can create yourself some really beautiful photographs and memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Photographing a Toddler at […]

Using The Sun For Portraits

Welcome back. Today I bring to you a well overdue portrait shoot! This is an old shoot that I did a couple of years back now, before the days of me having a little child to look after. Using the sun for portraits can be quite harsh, but if done right, it can really give you something beautiful. Using The […]

Natural light Portraits

Natural light portraits are one of my favourite types of portraits to take ever, they’re just so beautiful and pure. Whilst they’ll never top my studio fine art portraits that I love to do, natural ones are a close second. Shall we get to the good stuff? Natural Light Portraits Aren’t natural portraits stunning? The even light on a persons […]

Graffiti portraits

In these graffiti portraits are my brother, Andy and sister, Lucy. Again shot for a college project from back in 2015. (I cannot wait to start posting some of my new work and work that this website is all about showcasing but I feel it’s important to share with you these images to help you have a better understanding of […]

Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury is an English presenter best known for the TV programme, The Gadget Show aired on Chanel 5. He is also known for presenting a show called Don’t Scare the Hare as well as being a childrens author. It was back in March 2015 when I attended an event in which Jason Bradbury was hosting and we managed to […]