Frosty Arboretum, Lincoln

The Arboretum is pretty as it is but when I woke up to a beautiful foggy and frosty morning, I wished for it to stick around so that I could take a trip around a Frosty Arboretum after Minnie had had her morning bottle and breakfast. Frosty Arboretum It was a super foggy day, but you could see a luminance […]

The New Cathedral Quarter Lincoln

Over the weekend me and my little family took a wander around The brand new Cathedral quarter Lincoln. We’d driven past it a few times but never actually took the time to walk around and explore the new part. It was nice to walk around here though and have a look at the cathedral from a completely different perspective and […]

December Photo Challenge 2020

Are you looking to take more photographs this December but stuck for what exactly to take pictures of and post? I got you covered. I’ve created a little December photo challenge 2020 for you to get your teeth stuck into. It’s important to remember there are no rules to these challenges and that you should interpret them as you like […]

Autumn Hartsholme Park

Hartsholme park is a gorgeous place for a walk at the best of times however, Autumn Harstholme park is just something else. It appears, during my whole life in Lincoln, I can’t remember a time that I was aware of that I went ot Hartsholme park during the Autumn. Autumn is a beautiful season for sure, I’d go as far […]

The Perfect Coffee Flatlay

Over the last few years I’ve been working on perfecting the perfect coffee flatlay but, what is ‘the perfect coffee flatlay” I hear you ask. In the blogger world and influencer known its a well known term for a artistic or minimalistic photograph of a coffee shot from directly above. The Perfect Coffee Flatlay The best thing about creating a […]

September Photo Challenge Week One

Here we are! September photo challenge week one has been and gone. I’m surprised that I’ve managed to get a week into the challenge and not given up yet. Granted I’ve found it pretty tricky to get specific shots on the day but then I think that’s what helps get the creativity sparking. September Photo Challenge Week One Day 1: […]

Nettleham shot on iPhone 11 pro Max

To say the iPhone takes good pictures is an understatement. You may have seen my post about the baby portraits taken on the iPhone 11 pro plus and you’d know that the phone is definitely capable of taking pretty breathtaking photographs (If you haven’t you can find it here). There’s a famous quote in the photography world that goes along […]

Baby Portraits Taken On iPhone 11 Pro max

I look at these images and almost cannot believe that they were taken with an iPhone. It’s undeniable that the iPhone 11 pro max camera’s (or iPhone camera’s in general) are just completely getting more impressive as time goes on and it makes it easier for anybody to take beautiful photographs of what they love the most. I was just […]