iPhone Photography Peak District

The Peak District is the closest place for high and interesting Landscapes from home. It’s about 2 hours away from Lincoln. Whilst Lincolnshire has a vast amount of landscape to explore, it’s mostly all very flat. Let’s get to iPhone photography Peak District edition! iPhone Photography Peak District These photographs are a mix of 2 separate trips to Derbyshire. One […]

Urban Lincoln – Part 1

No matter what city you’re in there’s the good parts and the bad and what I mean by that is that the parts that aren’t considered photogenic usually get ignored. This post, Urban Lincoln – Part 1 is exploring the ‘urban’ parts of the city of Lincoln (Self explanatory in the title, but you know!). Photographers tend to go to […]

Trees of Swanholme

Trees of Swanholme, ah there are so many. Only a small percentage of the people who read my blog are actually from my home city, but if you are and you’re reading this have you ever been to Swanholme? It’s located next door to Hartsholme park, Lincoln? Trees of Swanholme These photographs are just a small part of Swanholme, a […]

Empty Supermarket

There’s something super intriguing about seeing an empty supermarket isles, don’t you think? If there’s any time you’re going to see empty supermarket before early hours of the night, it will certainly be during a pandemic, right? Empty Supermarket These were only ever going to be in black and white images. Colour just wouldn’t work as well as black and […]

Everyday Cinemagraphs

Have you ever seen a cinemagraph before? They’re something I came to be quite fond with during my college years but I finished my course before I had the opportunity to really work with them. I created these everyday cinemagraphs by taking photographs and putting them into an app called Werble to make them into moving images. Everyday Cinemagraphs I […]

Macro Eyeball iPhone Photography

Phone cameras are off the scale these days with the quality of photographs they can produce. These photographs were taken using an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a macro adapter, made especially for iPhone’s. You can pick them up pretty cheap of the internet, they’re a very handy tool to have if you want to up your iPhone photography game. […]

Chanel Perfume iPhone Portrait Mode

Hello and Welcome back. Today I bring to you another Chanel related post. This was a gift I received for my birthday from my dad and step mum, 3 days ago. Let’s get to the post now shall we, Chanel Perfume iPhone Portrait Mode. Chanel Perfume iPhone Portrait Mode These photographs were all taken on my iPhone 12 Pro Max […]

Accessories Up Close – iPhone Photography

Welcome back to the blog. If my last post didn’t encourage you to buy a macro adapter for your phone then hopefully, this one will. It’s really amazing how close you can get to objects and the quality is just as good as any decent DSLR with a macro adapter also. Keep scrolling to see accessories up close. Accessories Up […]

New lincoln Bypass

The new Lincoln bypass, these are my favourite photographs of this year so far, I know it’s a bit early to make that kind of statement but so far, these are my favoured shots for sure so far. New Lincoln Bypass If you know where the water railway cycle path that starts just past lincs fm radio station, this bridge […]

Down The Riverbank

Hi there. How are you? Earlier this month I took a trip down the riverbank walks around my area with my sister and partner as part of our outdoor exercise. This is one of the nicest, built up riverbank walks in Lincolnshire in my opinion. Down The Riverbank There are so many riverbank walks in Lincoln and all of them […]