Infrared In The Tree’s

It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything Infrared, simply because you need sunshine and blue skies for it to really look good. Whilst I’m easing myself back in to the photography and art world, I decided to take my infrared camera with me on the walk with Bruno the other day and snapped some photographs where the blue […]

Infrared At Humber Bridge

Infrared at Humber Bridge. Something I’ve never even considered doing before, frankly because I forgot the Humber Bridge even existed, let alone remembering how close it actually was. As usual, on my shoot days, I took photographs on all 3 of my trusted camera’s and have material from each one to show you. Previously, I posted Humber Bridge Via iPhone […]

Blea Tarn Cumbria In Infrared

Blea Tarn Cumbria, it’s a beautiful place to visit if you’ve not been before. The lake district really has some beautiful places to offer and Blea Tarn is one of those. It’s not a particularly easy location to get to, but I’d go as far as saying it’s well worth the trip and scouting out just for a walk around […]

Infrared In The Peak District

The good weather didn’t last long so to say by making sure we went to the peak district as soon as the good weather hit was a good idea is an understatement. I must admit though, I overwhelmed myself a little bit because I had 3 camera’s that I wanted to take photographs on. When you don’t get the opportunity […]

Down The Riverbank Infrared

Welcome to the last post of the month, Down The Riverbank Infrared. I’ve worked extra hard to bring to you more posts this January and I sincerely hope that you’ve been enjoying the posts and are looking forward to seeing what I have to share with you in February. Down The Riverbank Infrared The reflections in the water in these […]

Pink Infrared

I’ve mentioned previously that Infrared is hard to edit, it’s quite a challenge to get different colours so, you can probably imagine my delight when I managed to achieve this beautiful pink infrared colouring for my images. I immediately saved the edit as a preset for future reference. Pink Infrared The sun was shining hard and so I grabbed my […]

Infrared In The City / Canon 400d

Infrared in the city, it’s not an easy subject at the best of times if the sun isn’t absolutely beaming down. It’s infact quite a challenge without that sunlight highlighting all the bits us infrared photographers want us to. Infrared In The City It’s a couple of days before Christmas and we’re nipping into town to get some last minute […]

The Modern House Infrared

The Modern House Infrared. This house is probably the most modern house in Lincoln and it’s had its fair share of mixed opinions on it over the years. Personally, I love it. I think it’s actually located in a beautiful part of the city and would love to reside there myself. The Modern House Infrared I’ve done two edits here, […]

Over The City Infrared

Lincoln has some beautiful spots where you can see over the city and I stopped by a few and got some snaps with the infrared camera and that’s how I bring to you Over The City Infrared. Over The City Infrared Lincoln is such a contrasting city, you look one way and you see flat, industrial and modern views, look […]

Infrared Tealby Lincolnshire

Infrared is something I became very into during a final major project I was doing at college. Infrared Tealby Lincolnshire is not my favourite infrared image but Unfortunately over the years I’ve lost quite a few of the best photographs that came from it which is super disheartening but this one survived and whilst it’s not my best-infrared image, it’s […]