Infrared At Humber Bridge

Infrared at Humber Bridge. Something I’ve never even considered doing before, frankly because I forgot the Humber Bridge even existed, let alone remembering how close it actually was. As usual, on my shoot days, I took photographs on all 3 of my trusted camera’s and have material from each one to show you. Previously, I posted Humber Bridge Via iPhone […]

Humber Bridge Via iPhone

It’s been a hot minute since I actually took these photographs now. It literally seems so bloomin’ long ago but I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life that meant I had to put blogging on a little bit of a back burner. I am finally feeling able to write again and so here I am, bringing to […]

Urban Lincoln – Part 1

No matter what city you’re in there’s the good parts and the bad and what I mean by that is that the parts that aren’t considered photogenic usually get ignored. This post, Urban Lincoln – Part 1 is exploring the ‘urban’ parts of the city of Lincoln (Self explanatory in the title, but you know!). Photographers tend to go to […]

Stamford Walk Around

Hello and welcome to another blog post about the beautiful Stamford. I previously posted a post about some of the automotive beauties that I spotted around Stamford, you can see that here if you’re interested. Now, let’s get to our Stamford walk around. Stamford Walk Around Usually when I am exploring a new place that I’ve not been to before […]

Isolated Skegness

Skegness is one of the busiest beaches alongside the East coast so to see an isolated Skegness was quite a pleasure to be fair, to be able to walk around and not be rubbing shoulders with everyone and anyone. It was also weird to not hear the hustle and bustle of rids and arcades. Isolated Skegness I hope you enjoy […]

Outside My Window / Canon 6d

These are some of my favourite photographs from the year so far and that is simply because they were taken so simply, outside my window on a foggy morning with my zoom lens, just experimenting if you like. Outside my Window I’ve been desperate to get out and take some photographs of the fog but have not yet had the […]

The New Cathedral Quarter Lincoln

Over the weekend me and my little family took a wander around The brand new Cathedral quarter Lincoln. We’d driven past it a few times but never actually took the time to walk around and explore the new part. It was nice to walk around here though and have a look at the cathedral from a completely different perspective and […]

Bailgate Walk October 2020

Bailgate Walk October 2020. October is the start of everything turning into those lovely reds and oranges. Everything becomes that little bit more warm-toned apart from the sky and everything also becomes that little more cosy. I decided to trade my Sony a7ii in and do a straight swap for my Canon 6D that I had previously. In hindsight I […]

Castle Hill Club Lincoln

Castle Hill Club is located in the heart of Lincoln, Lincolnshire. It’s a building that’s always caught my eye and the reason, I don’t know but during the night, it just looked even more interesting to me and for that reason I took the snap. This photograph was taken with a Fuji X-Pro1 and 30mm lens. The Fuji X-Pro1 was […]