Golden Hour At Home

Happy New Year Folks and Welcome back to the blog! I’ve been so busy recently moving home that I’ve completely lost my way with creating content for this blog so the other day, when the house was quiet, baby was sleeping and the oldest kiddy was watching her iPad I grabbed hold of my camera and took a wander around […]

Street Photography Around Lincoln – Part 1

Street photography is quite a balsy subject to take on. Whilst there are no laws against not being allowed to photograph people if you’re not sneaky enough, some people may not appreciate their photo being taken and it leads to confrontation, you have to be prepared for that, to know how to handle that. Read on to see some street […]

Belton House 2021

Belton House is a gorgeous manor house situated in Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK. It’s where the hit book and BBC tv show The Moondial is set. I’d not long ago finished reading that story too so it made the trip here more magical, not that anyone I was with related with me on this. This was our first and probably final […]

Aberystwyth Wales // Pt2

If you didn’t catch part 1 of Aberystwyth Wales, before you take a look at Aberystwyth Wales pt2 go check it out HERE. Aberystwyth Wales pt2 Aberystwyth, you beautiful little town. These photographs You’ve probably noticed if you went back to check out the first post are edited differently. I actually think that I prefer these edits more, you’ll have […]

Tregaron Wales

Tregaron Wales sounds like something out of Game of Thrones right? It couldn’t look any further away from that. It looks like something out of an olden day movie if nothing else. Tregaron Wales This small, very limited town was situated 5 minutes away from the barn that we were staying in. It was the closest place to get to […]

Aberystwyth Wales // Pt 1

Aberystwyth Wales, What a beautiful town. Completely out of this world compared to anything here along the Lincolnshire coast. Aberystwyth Wales I am so happy that we were blessed with beautiful blue skies for the majority of the time that we were in Wales. It meant that I was actually able to get some pretty decent photographs of the location […]

Skegness at Dusk – iPhone Photography

Skegness at Dusk, something I’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance to. This week I’ve not been snapping many creative shots, in fact, I’ve shot none, I’ve just been snapping funny photographs of my daughter all week. My sister, however, a creative soul like me went camping to Skegness with a friend and sent me some photographs […]

Beauty Built In // Snapshots From The Week – iPhone Photography

I’ve realised that I’m always taking snapshots on my phone, the photographs usually go to waste because I just forget about them which results in them being lost in my google photo archives somewhere. So, I thought it would be good to share with you the things that catch my photographic eye throughout the week. Granted, some weeks nothing might […]

Infrared At Humber Bridge

Infrared at Humber Bridge. Something I’ve never even considered doing before, frankly because I forgot the Humber Bridge even existed, let alone remembering how close it actually was. As usual, on my shoot days, I took photographs on all 3 of my trusted camera’s and have material from each one to show you. Previously, I posted Humber Bridge Via iPhone […]

Humber Bridge Via iPhone

It’s been a hot minute since I actually took these photographs now. It literally seems so bloomin’ long ago but I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life that meant I had to put blogging on a little bit of a back burner. I am finally feeling able to write again and so here I am, bringing to […]