30 blog post idea’s for photographers. Wow, someones done all the hard work for you-you’re very welcome. Sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come to you and you need that little push. There is so many blog post’s out there with lengthy list’s of lifestyle post ideas but there is never anything for the photography blogger. So here I am going to give you 30 blog post ideas for photographers.

As a photography blogger myself I find it particularly hard sometimes to get motivated as and when I need it. Sometimes I need that little help to push my brain into motion and the rest comes naturally.


blog post ideas for photographers
  • Share a ‘how to’.
  • What you least enjoy photographing
  • What you most enjoy photographing
  • Behind the scenes
  • Old photography
  • Recreate old family photographs
  • Participate in a photo challenge
  • Make your own photo challenge
  • Share your worst photographs
  • Self-portraits
  • Share your favourite iPhone photography – You can see mine here
  • Share your best iPhone photography tips
  • Challenge yourself with a disposable camera
  • Photograph the same thing over a week
  • Get someone else to photograph you
  • Give yourself a photographic interview
  • Give someone else a photographic interview
  • Photograph your pet(s)
  • Go somewhere you hate and photograph it – explain why you hate it
  • Go somewhere you love and photograph it – explain why you love it
  • Shoot with only one lens or focal length for a week
  • Demonstrate your worst fear through a photograph
  • And your biggest achievement
  • Or your biggest regret.
  • Create a homage to your favourite photographer(s)
  • Review equipment
  • Do a studio shoot – Still life or portraiture
  • Embark on a location-based shoot
  • What made you want to be a photographer
  • If you weren’t a photographer, what would you want to be

Are you a photographer? Do you have any more post prompts that you’d add to the list?

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