Belton House from 2014

Back in 2014, I went on a trip to Belton house with my nan. It was one of the many places we both went that year in order to grab some images for my photography portfolio.

Belton house for me holds a lot of memories, the first book I completed and actually enjoyed was based around this destination, once we’d completed the book at school we went on a trip as a class and it just made it super magical. My mum got married here too & alongside all of that we’ve got a lot of family memories here together from multiple different visits.

belton house 2014
Belton House 2014

The photographs in this post were taken with a Canon 6D paired with a 50mm prime lens and post-processing was all done using Adobe Lightroom.

belton house 2014
Belton House 2014
belton house 2014
The famous sundial from the book Moondial.

I feel like there’s quite a lot that could be improved on in regards to these images, however, I do think the high contrast in both the black and white and colour images make the building and sculpture in the photograph really stand out. During the time that these images were taken I was coming up to the end of my higher national diploma, after this I went on to get my degree and my photography skills got much better over time.

Due to this being my first post on my blog – My next couple of post’s will be some older shoot’s from the archive and I will eventually start to publish some fresh new work for you all to view.

I’ve not been back to Belton house since this shoot and I am very much eager to go back and get some more photographs, mostly with my infrared camera on a beautiful sunny day.

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