Beauty Built In // Snapshots From The Week – iPhone Photography

Beauty Built In // Snapshots From The Week – iPhone Photography

I’ve realised that I’m always taking snapshots on my phone, the photographs usually go to waste because I just forget about them which results in them being lost in my google photo archives somewhere. So, I thought it would be good to share with you the things that catch my photographic eye throughout the week. Granted, some weeks nothing might get posted. Let’s get to see the beauty built in.

Beauty Built In

I chose to name this blog post beauty built-in because I found a lot of interest in things over the weekend that was already built into things. The first picture in this post is a black and white image of a window that’s placed at the bus stop in Southrey. I love how the community has come together to take care of this beautiful little stop, despite the fact that the bus takes very few trips through the village.

beauty built in
The Bus Stop in Southrey

The second image in this post is a colour image of the butchers in Bardney. I love driving past these butchers, there’s just something so charming about it and I had to take a photography of it. The vibrant red shutters and decor also make it stand out from the rest of the businesses in the village. I’ve actually heard that this butcher is worth a visit, so if you’re local you know what butchers to visit for your next cut of meat or pie.

beauty built in
Bardney Butchers

Please do not take any images from this site without first seeking permission from the photographer, Shannon Moore herself. All photographs in this post was taken with an iPhone 16352 pro max.

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