Autumn 2021 Is Coming

Autumn 2021 Is Coming

Autumn 2021 is coming. It’s in the air and it’s most certainly started hitting that vibrant green foliage we’re so used to seeing over the summer. I for one am super excited to welcome in the new season with open arms.

Autumn 2021 Is Coming

These photographs are from a few different shoot’s that I’ve gone on this week and I just thought they were perfect depictions of the fact that Autumn is pretty much underway. This past week we have been blessed with lovely weather and I’ve finally got my photography mojo back and that means that I’ve been snapping like crazy. It’s so good to be back, let me tell you.

For those who don’t know me, Autumn is my favourite time of year and is the start of the time that I actually photograph a lot more than the rest of the year and that’s simply because I just find it so beautiful.

The first photograph in this post was taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the other two images were taken with a Canon 6d with a 50mm lens and edited in Adobe Lightroom for Mobile.

Autumn 2021 is coming
The beautiful river/stream that runs through Belton House’s groundds
Autumn 2021 is coming

Please do not take any of these photographs without first seeking permission from the Photographer.

Are you looking forward to the Autumn season? What’s you’re favourite thing about it?

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