Accessories Up Close – iPhone Photography

Accessories Up Close – iPhone Photography

Welcome back to the blog. If my last post didn’t encourage you to buy a macro adapter for your phone then hopefully, this one will. It’s really amazing how close you can get to objects and the quality is just as good as any decent DSLR with a macro adapter also. Keep scrolling to see accessories up close.

Accessories Up Close

The first image in this sequence is of my partner’s nanna’s watch. It’s not working anymore and we’re unsure as to whether or not replacing the battery would even work now, however, it’s still a beautiful piece.

accessories close up

The second photograph is of a bracelet that my mum got me for Christmas 2020. On the inside, it quotes ”Whenever you feel overwhelmed… Remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown”. It’s a simple and yet delicate design and I especially like the arrows placed on the outer of the bangle.

accessories close up

The third photograph is of a ring that I bought from a car boot sale some years ago now. It’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery that I own. It’s not too big but not to small, and is a real compliment to my hands.

These photographs were taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Macro lens adapter.

Please do not take any photographs from this website without first seeking the permission from the Photographer, thank you.

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