A Sunset In Southrey

A Sunset In Southrey

It’s been a hot minute since I was last out and seeking a sunset photograph. These were taken whilst I was pregnant back in August, September time 2019. Another photo set from the archive, A Sunset In Southrey.

A Sunset In Southrey

a sunset in southrey

There’s very little editing done to these images, it was so stunning that it needed no post-processing what so ever, the water was so still, creating a beautiful and pin-sharp reflection on the water.

My favourite photograph from this set is the last one displayed, I love its simplicity, however, I really love the moon in the first photograph, you can actually see the moon better in the reflection as opposed to the actual sky.

The colours in the sky were such a treat for me. So vibrant and due to the soft cloud they were blended beautifully. The purples and blue really complements the oranges, yellows and pinks within the image too. It was important to be in my post-processing to keep the silhouetted buildings, If I’d have pulled some more detail out of the darker parts, I feel like the image would be too much like an HDR photograph and I’m not completely keen on that kind of style to be fair.

A Sunset In Southrey

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