7 Day Photo Challenge // A Colour A Day

7 Day Photo Challenge // A Colour A Day

Fancy doing a photo challenge? Yeah? Me too. That’s why I’ve created and decided to participate in my own 7 day photo challenge. There’s no specific rules as such, only that the 5 photographs that you come out with by the end of each day have to be related to the colour that’s connected to that day. The list is correlated below.

7 Day Photo Challenge

A week of photographs? Go on then. This should be enough to get your creative juices flowing and might even lead to other projects of the side of what you create in this one.

Here are some handy tips!

  • Shoot at different times of day – Golden hour can really be your best friend.
  • Utilize movement to create some really interesting and abstract shots.
  • Try selective colour in post processing.
  • Don’t shy away from multiple exposure.
  • Certainly do not be afraid to crop in!
7 day photo challenge

your mission is to come out at the end of each day with 5 photographs that connect to the colour on a specific day. Colours can be manipulated to look a different colour to fit the theme and not only that but you can shoot in any shade you want.

Monday: Red
Tuesday: Yellow
Wednesday: Pink
Thursday: Green
Friday: Purple
Saturday: Orange
Sunday: Blue

If you take part in this photo challenge I’d love to see them, you can get me via Instagram or Twitter.

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