Photo Dump // Photographs From The Week 26/06/22

We are on our phones for a large part of our lives, they have become an extension of us and the lives that we lead. As soon as we see a memory unravelling before us we are straight into the depths of our pockets or handbags to dig out our phones to capture said moment, to potentially share on Facebook […]

Feeling Grainy // Photographs From The Week

As part of my attempt to get back into taking more and better photographs I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing my favourite snaps from throughout the week. It’s something I used to do on my old blog and it went down quite well so I’m going to start it here too. This week when editing I’ve been feeling grainy! […]

Stormy Days At Home

I actually bloody love stormy days at home, so when it gets to storm season, I am up and glued to my windows watching for those storm clouds rolling in. I see the storm clouds usually, but they never seem to hit home. I’m happy with heavy rain but feel incredibly lucky when I hear rumbles over yonder and even […]