Lilac Tree // What I Spotted

Lilac Tree, AKA Syringa. I spotted this as I was walking to my nana’s – who’s literally just a 2 minute walk away from my house. The way the sun was shining on it just made it look really beautiful and luckily I’d taken my camera with me on the off chance. – I am trying to take it out […]

Blossom Made Abstract

It’s your basic spring morning and I’m just about to walk round to my nanna’s who lives just around the corner and I decided to pick up my camera just in case. Now the walk to my nans is incredibly short, literally takes just under 2 minutes to get there but who knows what might inspire your creativity on the […]

Infrared In The Tree’s

It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything Infrared, simply because you need sunshine and blue skies for it to really look good. Whilst I’m easing myself back in to the photography and art world, I decided to take my infrared camera with me on the walk with Bruno the other day and snapped some photographs where the blue […]

We DO Talk About Bruno

Today, the weather was gorgeous so we decided to go walking with my mum’s newest pup, Bruno! It was actually his first walk after being vaccinated and so we wanted to take him somewhere rather quiet to test his walking abilities without the faf of other people being around and wanting to fuss Bruno, so let’s talk about Bruno. We […]