1 Photograph into 5 Pictures

Have you ever wondered how many pictures you can actually get from one image? I have and I decided to give it a go with this photograph of my cat, Caspar. Totally original name for a white cat, I know. With this particular image I was able to turn 1 photograph into 5 pictures. Let’s see how I did. 1 […]

Urban Photography Around Lincoln – Black and White

Urban photography around Lincoln. When researching for this I was shocked to actually discover that Urban photography is actually a very large genre to work in, in the sense that it consists of quite a few genre’s. Anything really fits into the ‘Urban’ theme. It’s down to the creative taking the images to depict it the way that they see […]

Autumn In The Park

Autumn In The Park – Hartsholme park to be exact. We always go to Hartsholme, basically because it’s so close to home and so easy to get to. It’s also a easy walk round. If you know me or have been following me for a while on any of my social media account’s you’ll know how much a ADORE Autumn. […]

The Dead Sunflower

As I was leaving the house the dead sunflower in my front garden caught my eye. There was just something about it that really stood out to me on this particular day and I can only put it down to the way the sunlight was beaming down onto the plant and if you’re familiar with photography you’ll know that lighting […]

Museum of Lincolnshire Life

Finally, 3 weeks into having a new born I’ve found the time to take some more photographs to share with you all. I’m going to toot my own horn now and say how impressed I am really that 3 weeks ago I underwent major surgery and had a baby and I’ve managed to get some photographs and roll out a […]

Street Photography Around Lincoln – Part 1

Street photography is quite a balsy subject to take on. Whilst there are no laws against not being allowed to photograph people if you’re not sneaky enough, some people may not appreciate their photo being taken and it leads to confrontation, you have to be prepared for that, to know how to handle that. Read on to see some street […]