New Quay Wales

New Quay Wales, quite possibly one of my favourite places I’ve visited so far, It’s also noted that from this part of the Welsh coast you can see dolphins in the sea. Unfortunately on the day that we were there, we didn’t get to see any but that didn’t take the beauty away from the location at all. New Quay […]

Cors Caron Nature Reserve Tregaron

Cors Caron nature reserve is a beautiful, small nature reserve in the heart of Tregaron. Where we were staying in wales looked right over the beautiful reserve so we felt like it would be rude to not go and explore it. Cors Caron Nature Reserve It was a very flat nature reserve compared to it the other one we visited […]

It’s Berry Blue

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! I’ve got so many photographs to share with you and honestly, my strongest point is definitely in creating the images and not naming them because yes, ‘It’s Berry Blue” is the best I could come up with on this occasion. It’s Berry Blue These photographs were taken during my trip to Wales […]

Autumn 2021 Is Coming

Autumn 2021 is coming. It’s in the air and it’s most certainly started hitting that vibrant green foliage we’re so used to seeing over the summer. I for one am super excited to welcome in the new season with open arms. Autumn 2021 Is Coming These photographs are from a few different shoot’s that I’ve gone on this week and […]

Aberystwyth Wales // Pt2

If you didn’t catch part 1 of Aberystwyth Wales, before you take a look at Aberystwyth Wales pt2 go check it out HERE. Aberystwyth Wales pt2 Aberystwyth, you beautiful little town. These photographs You’ve probably noticed if you went back to check out the first post are edited differently. I actually think that I prefer these edits more, you’ll have […]

Tregaron Wales

Tregaron Wales sounds like something out of Game of Thrones right? It couldn’t look any further away from that. It looks like something out of an olden day movie if nothing else. Tregaron Wales This small, very limited town was situated 5 minutes away from the barn that we were staying in. It was the closest place to get to […]

Go Pro Hero 8 Photographs

In this post, you will see some Go Pro Hero 8 photographs. We didn’t shoot many photographs with the Go Pro, but what we did get you can see in this post here. I’m pretty impressed with them myself. Go Pro Hero 8 Photographs I wasn’t really expecting to get any more nice weather this side of the year so […]

Aberystwyth Wales // Pt 1

Aberystwyth Wales, What a beautiful town. Completely out of this world compared to anything here along the Lincolnshire coast. Aberystwyth Wales I am so happy that we were blessed with beautiful blue skies for the majority of the time that we were in Wales. It meant that I was actually able to get some pretty decent photographs of the location […]

Devil’s Bridge Ceredigion

Wales, what an absolute treat. I’ve never really been anywhere in the United Kingdom photographing apart from the Peak District and the Lake District so I took advantage of the family holiday we went on last week to get some photographs. I didn’t take half as many photographs as I probably could have to come home with a lot more […]