Empty Supermarket

There’s something super intriguing about seeing an empty supermarket isles, don’t you think? If there’s any time you’re going to see empty supermarket before early hours of the night, it will certainly be during a pandemic, right? Empty Supermarket These were only ever going to be in black and white images. Colour just wouldn’t work as well as black and […]

Black And White Mountains

Hello and welcome back to the blog, how are you? Today I bring to you black and white mountains, some photographs I took back when we were allowed to travel to Cumbria. Black and White Mountains I’m not entirely sure what camera these were taken with, I believe it’s a mixture between a Canon 6D and a small Nikon compact […]

March 2021 Photo Challenge

Hello! My other photo challenges have gone down a treat so today, I bring to you a March 2021 Photo Challenge for you to get your teeth into. So let’s get to it shall we? March 2021 Photo Challenge I’ve paid attention to the fact that this month we encounter the first day of spring and I wanted to make […]

Everyday Cinemagraphs

Have you ever seen a cinemagraph before? They’re something I came to be quite fond with during my college years but I finished my course before I had the opportunity to really work with them. I created these everyday cinemagraphs by taking photographs and putting them into an app called Werble to make them into moving images. Everyday Cinemagraphs I […]

Doddington Hall Pyramid

Hey! Today I am bringing to you content from 3 years ago. Why? Simply because I have absolutely nothing else to post right now. So today you get to see my photographs of the Doddington Hall Pyramid. Will Bozzer please just let me travel to the peaks or something so I can get some cool content again. (I mean there’s […]

Using The Sun For Portraits

Welcome back. Today I bring to you a well overdue portrait shoot! This is an old shoot that I did a couple of years back now, before the days of me having a little child to look after. Using the sun for portraits can be quite harsh, but if done right, it can really give you something beautiful. Using The […]

Natural light Portraits

Natural light portraits are one of my favourite types of portraits to take ever, they’re just so beautiful and pure. Whilst they’ll never top my studio fine art portraits that I love to do, natural ones are a close second. Shall we get to the good stuff? Natural Light Portraits Aren’t natural portraits stunning? The even light on a persons […]

A Sunset In Southrey

It’s been a hot minute since I was last out and seeking a sunset photograph. These were taken whilst I was pregnant back in August, September time 2019. Another photo set from the archive, A Sunset In Southrey. A Sunset In Southrey There’s very little editing done to these images, it was so stunning that it needed no post-processing what […]

Macro Eyeball iPhone Photography

Phone cameras are off the scale these days with the quality of photographs they can produce. These photographs were taken using an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a macro adapter, made especially for iPhone’s. You can pick them up pretty cheap of the internet, they’re a very handy tool to have if you want to up your iPhone photography game. […]

Chanel Perfume iPhone Portrait Mode

Hello and Welcome back. Today I bring to you another Chanel related post. This was a gift I received for my birthday from my dad and step mum, 3 days ago. Let’s get to the post now shall we, Chanel Perfume iPhone Portrait Mode. Chanel Perfume iPhone Portrait Mode These photographs were all taken on my iPhone 12 Pro Max […]