Accessories Up Close – iPhone Photography

Welcome back to the blog. If my last post didn’t encourage you to buy a macro adapter for your phone then hopefully, this one will. It’s really amazing how close you can get to objects and the quality is just as good as any decent DSLR with a macro adapter also. Keep scrolling to see accessories up close. Accessories Up […]

Down The Riverbank Infrared

Welcome to the last post of the month, Down The Riverbank Infrared. I’ve worked extra hard to bring to you more posts this January and I sincerely hope that you’ve been enjoying the posts and are looking forward to seeing what I have to share with you in February. Down The Riverbank Infrared The reflections in the water in these […]

February Photo Challenge 2021

February photo challenge 2021 is here! Get your teeth stuck into this challenge to keep yourself creatively active throughout February and the remainder of the 3rd Lockdown and the year. I’ve always struggled with staying motivated, however having 365 photographs to look back on at the end of the year can prove to be very rewarding and a real pleasure, […]

Baileys and Special Guest

It’s been so long since I’ve worked in the studio. I lost my light trigger for a long time and I finally found it again, it had somehow got into my loft, luckily when putting away the Christmas decorations, I made Stewart look in the camera stuff and there it was and so for that reason I bring to you, […]

New lincoln Bypass

The new Lincoln bypass, these are my favourite photographs of this year so far, I know it’s a bit early to make that kind of statement but so far, these are my favoured shots for sure so far. New Lincoln Bypass If you know where the water railway cycle path that starts just past lincs fm radio station, this bridge […]

Lincolnshire wolds Nettleton

Lincolnshire Wolds, Nettleton. A place I’d never thought i’d been to before however, upon arrival it actually became clear that i’d been there before as memories came flooding back from the time we went with family and my nan lost her foot (not literally) in a muddy bog of water. Lincolnshire Wolds Nettleton Have you ever embarked on a photogenic […]

Down The Riverbank

Hi there. How are you? Earlier this month I took a trip down the riverbank walks around my area with my sister and partner as part of our outdoor exercise. This is one of the nicest, built up riverbank walks in Lincolnshire in my opinion. Down The Riverbank There are so many riverbank walks in Lincoln and all of them […]

The Modern House In Lincoln

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I really clutch at straws naming these posts but honestly, I struggle to think of cool unique names for them so you’ll all have to deal with this photo ‘The Modern House in Lincoln’. This is probably one of the most controversial houses in Lincoln, mainly due to it’s location and style. Whilst some […]

Pink Infrared

I’ve mentioned previously that Infrared is hard to edit, it’s quite a challenge to get different colours so, you can probably imagine my delight when I managed to achieve this beautiful pink infrared colouring for my images. I immediately saved the edit as a preset for future reference. Pink Infrared The sun was shining hard and so I grabbed my […]

Frosty Arboretum, Lincoln

The Arboretum is pretty as it is but when I woke up to a beautiful foggy and frosty morning, I wished for it to stick around so that I could take a trip around a Frosty Arboretum after Minnie had had her morning bottle and breakfast. Frosty Arboretum It was a super foggy day, but you could see a luminance […]