Over The City Infrared

Lincoln has some beautiful spots where you can see over the city and I stopped by a few and got some snaps with the infrared camera and that’s how I bring to you Over The City Infrared. Over The City Infrared Lincoln is such a contrasting city, you look one way and you see flat, industrial and modern views, look […]

Macro Photographs Of My Cat

Meet Caspar! I’m pretty sure he has been featured on my blog before, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen him as close up as you’re about to in these macro photographs of my cat series. Caspar is a hard cat to pin down, he’s still quite a young chap so, when he’s not snoozing in the house somewhere, he’s […]

January 2021 Photo Challenge

January 2021 photo challenge is here! I am presenting to you the first photo challenge of the year 2021 to help you get those creative engines started and start the year as you mean to go on. I always struggled to stay motivated to take photographs however having 365 photographs to look back on at the end of the year […]

Outside My Window / Canon 6d

These are some of my favourite photographs from the year so far and that is simply because they were taken so simply, outside my window on a foggy morning with my zoom lens, just experimenting if you like. Outside my Window I’ve been desperate to get out and take some photographs of the fog but have not yet had the […]

Just A Plane Sunset / Canon 6d

Hello! I’m bringing to you today Just a Plane Sunset, and no I haven’t misspelled that. I decided during being stuck in that I’d try something different. I used to digitally manipulate images all the time but lost the flare for it when I found not enough time for it. However, over the last few weeks I’ve found myself with […]