A Rose Sunset Photograph

The sunset today was beautiful and therefore I jumped at the chance to take a photographs of the books stacked near my TV and the beautiful roses I bought myself for photographic purposes and that’s when this photograph, A Rose Sunset was born. A Rose Sunset This photograph was taken with a Canon 6D with a 50mm 1.4 and edited […]

The New Cathedral Quarter Lincoln

Over the weekend me and my little family took a wander around The brand new Cathedral quarter Lincoln. We’d driven past it a few times but never actually took the time to walk around and explore the new part. It was nice to walk around here though and have a look at the cathedral from a completely different perspective and […]

Natural Christmas Decorations

Natural Christmas Decorations? Yeah, you know the beautiful berries that come out around this time of year? There are so many Christmassy things out there, Holly is out and blooming its berries in force. I’d like to name all the other berries but quite honestly, I have no idea what they’re called or how to differentiate them, apart from colours. […]

December Photo Challenge 2020

Are you looking to take more photographs this December but stuck for what exactly to take pictures of and post? I got you covered. I’ve created a little December photo challenge 2020 for you to get your teeth stuck into. It’s important to remember there are no rules to these challenges and that you should interpret them as you like […]

Autumnal Still Life

Autumn to me is the celebration of all things Halloween (I know it’s passed) and all things to do with autumn and especially the colour orange. I for the first time in a long time was able to get my creative mind on and create an autumnal still life set up and shoot it in a DIY studio set up […]