Autumn Hartsholme Park

Hartsholme park is a gorgeous place for a walk at the best of times however, Autumn Harstholme park is just something else. It appears, during my whole life in Lincoln, I can’t remember a time that I was aware of that I went ot Hartsholme park during the Autumn. Autumn is a beautiful season for sure, I’d go as far […]

Conure and a Pumpkin

Hi Everyone! Do you know what, it feels so weird to be back in a photographic mindset where I can just conjure something up at home and create some pictures again. Before I got into this mindset where I had to be out and about in order to get any images that mean’t anything and here I found myself creating […]

The Perfect Coffee Flatlay

Over the last few years I’ve been working on perfecting the perfect coffee flatlay but, what is ‘the perfect coffee flatlay” I hear you ask. In the blogger world and influencer known its a well known term for a artistic or minimalistic photograph of a coffee shot from directly above. The Perfect Coffee Flatlay The best thing about creating a […]

Bailgate Walk October 2020

Bailgate Walk October 2020. October is the start of everything turning into those lovely reds and oranges. Everything becomes that little bit more warm-toned apart from the sky and everything also becomes that little more cosy. I decided to trade my Sony a7ii in and do a straight swap for my Canon 6D that I had previously. In hindsight I […]