1 Photograph into 5 Pictures

1 Photograph into 5 Pictures

Have you ever wondered how many pictures you can actually get from one image? I have and I decided to give it a go with this photograph of my cat, Caspar. Totally original name for a white cat, I know. With this particular image I was able to turn 1 photograph into 5 pictures. Let’s see how I did.

1 Photograph into 5 Pictures

My cat was sat minding his own business when the natural light coming in from our window made him stand out against the bright pink living room wall and so I reached for my camera in hope to snap a ‘semi decent’ photograph. It wasn’t until I was editing this image that it dawned on me that I could actually get more than one image out of just this one image.

These images were taken using a Canon 6D paired with a 50mm prime lens and edited using Adobe Lightroom for mobile.

1 Photograph into 5 Pictures
Original Photo (1)

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1 Photograph into 5 Pictures
1 Photograph  into 5 Pictures
1 Photograph into 5 Pictures

I really love the last photograph on this thread, however due to the images being imported to my phone as JPEG instead of RAW files it meant that I wasn’t able to brig much detail back in the slightly over exposed white area’s but never the less, the crop of the image makes a really nice and balanced minimalism cat photograph.

It’s interesting to me, how would you have cropped this image? Is there a way you’d have cropped it differently? Let me know in the comments below.

I’d also like to know which image you like the most and whether or not you prefer the coloured images as apposed to the monochrome ones.

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