Infrared In The Peak District

The good weather didn’t last long so to say by making sure we went to the peak district as soon as the good weather hit was a good idea is an understatement. I must admit though, I overwhelmed myself a little bit because I had 3 camera’s that I wanted to take photographs on. When you don’t get the opportunity […]

iPhone Photography Peak District

The Peak District is the closest place for high and interesting Landscapes from home. It’s about 2 hours away from Lincoln. Whilst Lincolnshire has a vast amount of landscape to explore, it’s mostly all very flat. Let’s get to iPhone photography Peak District edition! iPhone Photography Peak District These photographs are a mix of 2 separate trips to Derbyshire. One […]

Urban Lincoln – Part 1

No matter what city you’re in there’s the good parts and the bad and what I mean by that is that the parts that aren’t considered photogenic usually get ignored. This post, Urban Lincoln – Part 1 is exploring the ‘urban’ parts of the city of Lincoln (Self explanatory in the title, but you know!). Photographers tend to go to […]

Stamford Walk Around

Hello and welcome to another blog post about the beautiful Stamford. I previously posted a post about some of the automotive beauties that I spotted around Stamford, you can see that here if you’re interested. Now, let’s get to our Stamford walk around. Stamford Walk Around Usually when I am exploring a new place that I’ve not been to before […]

In Stamford Automotive

In Stamford, Automotive opportunities don’t disappoint. I’ve never walked around such a pretty place and seen SO MANY gorgeous cars. It wasn’t until my trip was coming to an end that I decided to start taking some snaps of the beautiful cars I was seeing so, unfortunately, the snaps are few but totally worth it. In Stamford Automotive I’ve always […]

Isolated Skegness

Skegness is one of the busiest beaches alongside the East coast so to see an isolated Skegness was quite a pleasure to be fair, to be able to walk around and not be rubbing shoulders with everyone and anyone. It was also weird to not hear the hustle and bustle of rids and arcades. Isolated Skegness I hope you enjoy […]

Camera still life

Hello and welcome back. Are you sick of the studio work yet? I sure am. The restrictions are easing up so I should be able to have more of my passionate subjects up soon enough for you all to soak up. Camera still life, let’s get to it. Camera Still Life If anyone has any idea what this camera is […]

Perfume Still Life

I’m seriously really running out of names for these posts now. I’m really not enjoying shooting studio and I absolutely cannot wait to be able to go to the Peak District for a mooch with my camera, when my camera comes back from the hospital too that is. Perfume still life is as exciting as it’s getting here I’m afraid […]

Super Macro Spring Is Coming

Macro is fun, Super macro is even funner! The photographs in this post are the first glimpse of spring that I could find on my walk back at the end of February. So please, enjoy, Super Macro spring. Super Macro Spring Is Coming So, without question, I have a photograph from these 2 that I like the most without question. […]

Photographing A Toddler At Home

Photographing a toddler at home can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the basics of photography or where to put them in your house to get decent lighting, but honestly, once you get main just of it, you can create yourself some really beautiful photographs and memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Photographing a Toddler at […]